District Disaster Management

2019120431North West Delhi has a total population of 2,246,311. North West Delhi has large number of JJ colonies and Slums. On the other hand, the infra structure facilities in North West District are not suiting to a metro city like Delhi.

Delhi lies in the Genetic Plain, and the northern part of Delhi is considered as the worst for earthquake as well as fire and so forth. It is well known that the entire state of Delhi falls under seismic zone IV. In addition, fire is a major concern for the District as fire incidents have risen steeply in the last couple of decades. The vulnerability of the district increases in fire accidents since most of the JJ clusters and slums are thickly populated.

In the new set up of disaster management in District North West, the traditional relief and rehabilitation department has been replaced with an exhaustive institutional mechanism, in which District Disaster Management Authority has been constituted for planning, implementing and monitoring disaster management activities in normal time.

The Incident Command System of North West District is the higher authority during a disaster. The Incident Command System is a pre-designed system, which is activated only in time of disaster and its roles, get over as soon as the rehabilitation is completed. Also there are 12 Emergency Support Functions with one nodal agency and a couple of supporting agencies to look after disaster management, in the new set up.

The District Disaster Management Plan for North West Delhi is a combination of modern participatory approach.

Certain most important concepts and approaches like significance of a District Disaster Management Plan for North West Delhi as well as detailed profile of the district are coming in the first two chapters. The vulnerability and hazard situation and capacity available to face a disaster are elaborately described in the third chapter. Some other important discussions in the first volume are the present institutional mechanism of disaster management; Mitigation plan, standard operation procedures and action plan for the Emergency Support Functions. A plan document shall specify the sustainability of the proposed programme.

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Call 1077 (Toll free) in case of any disaster in Delhi (24 X 7)
District Disaster Control Room (North-West)- 011-25951182 (24 X 7)